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Only 3583 bytes

7 months ago by Rob in ,
… and the program file size of this new gem of a video game, pulse, suggests there’s a few more bytes free that could be exploited.  But that’s how much “free” RAM came with a stock Commodore VIC 20, like the one I was fortunate to own in early 1982.  Playing this not only brings you back to a [...]

XBoxDrv: a Fedora systemctl service

7 months ago by Rob in
Two years ago, I discovered a user-space XBox 360 controller driver as replacement to the lackluster (then) kernel driver, xpad.  After rebuilding my new workstation and installing Fedora 20 on it, I took notice that its repository includes the xboxdrv package.  It includes a replete set of sample [...]

New workstation

8 months ago by Rob in
It’s been 6-years since my last workstation got built.  I took it down before Christmas in order to remodel the home office.  Since, I had to migrate my Internet presence here from a KVM guest on that workstation over to my dedicated Intel Atom D525 box that was originally used for retro computing [...]

Improved, but more to do

1 year ago by Rob in
Since my adhoc analysis from GolfTec, I took their recommendations and been staying disciplined with it.  The result has been 9-strokes off my handicap, because of added consistency to ball-striking particularly from the tee.  My friend, Roger, in the background here put his sporty video cam on the [...]

Golftec Swing Analysis

1 year ago by Rob in
Before: Poor posture, too much gap between legs on backswing promoting a negative bend forward, too long of a backswing increases chance of a mishit (did hit 0:0 at impact consistently, heh, as a lefty I am able to recover). After: Much improved athletic position, still, the right foot to encourage [...]
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