New personal web site

I have been searching hard for a solid content management system for my personal use. Ideally for me, it had to meet these needs:

  • run on Red Hat Fedora distro
  • customized themes and plugins
  • must be simple to use

Preferably, it would not need any database services, or at the very least, reference an embedded database such as SQLite. Xaraya came very close to my needs, but I found the pages it rendered ran slowly in my Firefox web browser. Perhaps it was some Javascript, I am not certain. But my Thinkpad processor would remain pegged at 1.86ghz sitting idly on its home page.

Fortunately, WordPress is a supported RPM package in the Fedora repository. Although it does require MySQL, its installation and setup was a breeze. So I will be running this as my root pages for now, and see if sticks.