Vista games

For the win!Got the chance to play some of the games that come with Vista Ultimate, such as Hold ’em and Hearts.  I like playing Hearts and I like controlling the Queen of Spades.  I especially like running the table and skunking the remaining players, as shown to the right, especially if it earns me the win.

To my surprise, the “included” games are quite good, with very good graphics and animation.  I like the new Games Explorer, which extends more detailed information about an installed game in its window, such as maturity rating, system requirements, and other useful info.  The icons generally switch to higher detail, typically depicting the games box cover art.

It is also useful to drag a “non-installer” game shortcut in the Games Explorer.  I did just that with the MAMEUI 64-bit executable.  Just remember to change its startup working directory information, as I have no idea where it starts up from.  If not, that can have the unfortunate effect of resetting the game to default values.

I have not had any issue with any of my old 32-bit Windows games either.  I only have a select few remaining, like Dungeon Siege, Medieval Total War, and X3, but no ill-effects or incompatibilities to really speak of.