Installed an additional Seagate SATA II drive today, this time a 1000GB drive advertised as 1TB, with a cost of only $99.  I recall paying $700 for my first hard disk: a 47-megabyte drive mounted on a SCSI card controller used by my Commodore Amiga 2000 in June 1988… so for comparatively slow storage with less than half of 1/10,000th capacity at over 17 times the cost in today’s dollars, I guess I either got a real bargain today or I got really screwed over then — HA!!  I suspect a measurable degree of both.

But those kinds of metrics are pretty amazing of how far storage has come in 20-years.  Of course, the new frontier is boasting cloud storage for the masses — and at these prices, it has a real chance of becoming a reality.  Maybe this will be the last physical hard disk I will ever buy, now wouldn’t that be something?

For now, it is happily formatting using NTFS, so I can easily read-write files between my dual-booting Linux and Vista workstation.  Its volume label comes from our Pitbull-Lab mix dog, Rebecca, which we affectionately refer to as “the tank”.