Quik Death

Game OverAs seen by this screenshot, I am still having difficulty progressing beyond the 2nd pear level.  It ain’t easy anticipating the monsters’ moves at that speed, even though I have specific insight into their deterministic pursuit.  Too bad, I only had this one dot left to advance to the 1st thunderbird level, where you get a reprieve with longer energizer pills.

Of course, I am playing the ROM version, because of the extra half kilobyte of enhancements.  But read what others have to say about the 2008 unexpanded version.

Also, Commodore Free Magazine, Issue #26, conducted this interview with me, starting on page 27.

Quikman 2008To my surprise and delight, Retro Gamer magazine #59 did me the great honor of putting Quikman 2008 as their first Homebrew review — on a full-page nonetheless — way too cool !!

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