8-bit vintage computing and ebay

With all the tinkering I have been doing lately with 8-bit computers, I decided to expand my existing collection to include a Commodore 64C computer, 1581 diskette drive (3.5″), and 1902 RGB monitor.  All equipment is in excellent condition, complete with original boxes.  The most satisfying part is that I was able to last-second outbid for all three items for a total of only $160 (plus shipping costs).  That same gear would have cost me at least $750 back in the mid 1980s.

What is nice about the Commodore peripherals, both the monitor and diskette drive, are compatible with my VIC 20 and Plus/4.  I might be able to resurrect an old 128, too, which could then take advantage of the monitor’s 80-column mode, or perhaps find a nice replacement on ebay as well.

Here are some pictures of my incoming treasures from their sellers: