Omega Fury

I am envisioning a sequel to the arcade mega-hit, Omega Race.  My opening sequence will include these passages:

In the year 2010, the Omegan System expanded its star colonies too far.  They have encroached upon the borders of the Thargoid Territories, a civilization with advanced defensive prowess and relentless fire power.  And the Thargoids have expansion plans of their own, which do not include Omegans.

That conclusion was confirmed by the latest scouting reports.  The tactical data collected has revealed that the Thargoid threat against the Omegan outreach is not going to end there, as they have been massing what can only be construed as an invasion force — to strike as deep as their hull plating and might can endure.

Fortunately, the twin city Ramok has developed a new star fighter, dubbed Omega Fury, for its warriors to combat this alien threat.  The first order of business was to keep the fighter more agile than the enemy, banking on pilot training and survival instinct over technology.  That agility comes at the expense of lighter armor and a smaller weapon energizer — energy bolts dispensed before fully charged will have lesser effect against thick Thargoid hulls — placing a premium on accurate, first shots.

Seven years of command and respect from all throughout the galaxies is now at the threshold of being challenged again.  Prepare for war!

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