Fred Fish

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a web site that hits home to me.  Today, I was “fishing” for an update on the latest Amiga emulation developments in the WinUAE project.  But their updated web site brought me across a familiar name: Fred Fish.  What intrigued me about the link there was not about his accomplishments nor biography — it was an archive of his personal web site.

I found the photos and stories there to be quite interesting, but his wife Michelle puts it another way: “I hope this cures your insomnia.”  While I love modesty, it was her opening statement that made me laugh loudly to set the proper mood:

I once mentioned to Fred that I thought it would be fun to take a cruise.  Fred took this to mean “let’s buy a boat and go cruising”.  So, lesson learned. I must be VERY specific when discussing vacation plans with Fred.

Heh, now I know why Fred was so loved.