Omega Fury

Opening screen title
Opening screen title

This past winter I envisioned making a sequel to the Bally-Midway arcade hit, Omega Race, and a favorite among many VIC 20 users when Commodore bought the licensing rights to make its home computer versions.  Three months later, I released a beta version of the fully playable game.  At the time, I did not think I would spend much more time with it, because it was so close to the game I thought it could be.

But there lies the problem — it was close.  Again, that feeling of an incomplete job, so after a nice break with the Summer days, I came back to this personal gaming project and began looking for ways to get it done.  Here is a list of changes made that brings the game to a new milestone:

  • some core software sprite library optimizations for speed;
  • energy bolts fired from the Fury’s ship travel faster;
  • energy replenishment was increased to keep the pace of the action intense;
  • all Thargoid ships round their turns, rather than jerky N-S-E-W moves;
  • animations for Fury’s death and game over has been re-sequenced to incite the user to play again;
  • a new firing solution AI for Thargoid scouts and space carrier.
  • and of course, many bug fixes!

I am pretty excited how these improvements and finishing touches have made the game more playable and more appealing.  It has a nice arcade feel to it with the progressive, intense action.

The binary and its source code for VIC 20 can be downloaded from my tribute page. The current version can be played online here.  And a demo of the game play can be watched here.  Happy hunting!

One thought on “Omega Fury

  1. Got a nice remark posted by a respected retro-gamer and emulation guru:

    “Just played a couple of stages. Very, very cool. Great classic feeling and the gameplay is tuned perfectly IMO. A true 6502 tour de force.”

    – R. Belmont, Programmer and a maintainer for SDLMAME,

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