Legacy Engineering Group

A nice Christmas gift surprise arrived yesterday in the mail for me — it was a 14-month old order I made with this online store dubbed Legacy Engineering Group.  From what was reported, between health issues and an unprecedented demand for this product, it made for an equally unprecedented wait for me.  No worries, as I personally have just about every joystick created under the sun, but I would have liked to have bundled it with some retro-gaming software as gifts (last year, this year), but hey, there is always next year for that …

Anyways, I assembled one of the four for my personal collection, which was an easy insert-and-twist of the handle into its base.  And the supplied USB cable is ample in length.  Fired up the new VICE 2.2 software using Fedora 12 and its SDL UI immediately recognized the joystick as “USB HID v1.01 Gamepad [USB_Classic]”. No compatibility issues whatsoever — nice!

Even nicer was that old Atari joystick feel. As cheap and lightweight these joysticks go, nothing beats that old wigglin’ away and pounding that little red fire button as if pressing down any harder will make the 8-bit action perform any better — heh. I witnessed many such maneuvers from fallen opponents that took a classic beat-down from yours truly. The handle would creak mercilessly from the strain, followed by that wincing poppin’ sound of plastic giving in to the futile gesture. Usually, the busted joystick would go airborne and I’d have to go ducking.

Ah, thanks, Curt, for bringing back such lovely memories!

Atari-style joystick for your PC
Atari-style joystick for your PC