PS3 Media Server

I discovered a nifty project, PMS, written in JAVA that allows my Linux (or Windows) workstation stream multimedia (music, photos, movies) to my Sony Playstation 3, hooked-up for viewing in all of its 52″ HDTV glory.  It also includes several options to stream other multimedia content directly from the web, too, such as YouTube, Internet Radio and TV.  Previously, I have used uShare with a lot of success, but this package is better suited for me because it was designed specifically to work with PS3, and it takes advantage of my 8-core workstation allowing HD content to stream without any loss in quality.

No more copying multimedia to the modest-sized PS3 internal hard disk — just point PMS to the workstation’s file directories, ISOs, etc. to share with PS3, and it is conveniently integrated and organized on the gaming console.  Will wonders never cease?

The PMS UI reveals a lot of options, but fortunately it comes preset with normalized values and pick-lists with human-readable adjustments.  It comes bundled with its own tsMuxeR package, but it plays best by leveraging other multimedia codecs and transcoding from the mainstream projects in MEncoder and VLC.  And there are free text entry boxes to override and enhance even the nerdiest of implementations.

I made this simple script to add as an Avant Window Navigator launcher item:

cd pms-linux-1.10.5
env JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/default ./