Privacy Matters 1-2-3

Web user beware! This “outfit” has their advertisements on a lot of social networking web sites.  If their “pop-up” appears on your screen, I would advise that you immediately power-off your computer.

I consider myself fairly web-savvy and have done countless, secure, safe transactions on the Internet for the past 15-years.  But this event totally disregarded my choice to decline their purported service — clicking “No thanks” resulted in a monthly recurring charge from my credit card.  And I can only blame myself for not catching it earlier, but this wreaks of a criminal act.

Well, calling their customer service was no treat either, when you are greeted by “Enter the credit card number that is being billed”.  Yeah, right, like I want to disclose that information to you, when you ripped it off dove-tailing another separate online service to begin with.  I purportedly received a claim number and the last charge will get reversed within the next two business days.  Stay tuned, I have this suspicious feeling this episode ain’t quite over.  Let’s hope my intuition on this matter is wrong.

One thought on “Privacy Matters 1-2-3

  1. It must be said that upon cancelling this “service”, Privacy Matters did refund the current and prior month’s subscription fees — which was welcomed relief.

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