Hack & Slash online

It has been over a year since this game has been available to play online.  Now that I have control over my guest web server and installed WebSVN, I decided it was time to dust off that old C code.

But instead of crafting new scripts to compile it, I headed instead to a Gnome-based programming tool, Anjuta IDE.  What attracted to me most outside of the expected C source and header file management was its integrated ability to work with autogen and subversion.  Autogen produces configure and makefile for multiple targets, which is useful since rpgd (aka Hack & Slash) is made up of three binaries: rpgd (the service daemon), rpgclient (the user interface), and rpgweb (cgi to display player stats).

Now that I have the project under new IDE and version control, it should make for improved coding and debugging while maintaining the ability to compile, link, and go on multiple architectures.