Fedora 13 preupgrade

A quick post that I (successfully) upgraded my Fedora 12 guest under KVM using the preupgrade script.  Just yum install preupgrade and enter preupgrade “Fedora 13 (Goddard)”.  After a download of 1217 packages (mileage may vary), it reboots to complete the upgrade process.  That part failed for me, although I was able to quickly diagnose the problem inside of /boot/grub/menu.lst … there was a missing space between the ks.cfg and stage2 variable.  Another re-boot and the upgrade process completed painlessly.

Of noteworthy, WordPress with MySQL upgraded with no apparent issue and the external MailScanner RPM package is running unmodified.  That’s a relief.

One significant change for me was the placement of custom upstart files.  I had my role-playing game daemon simply defined before as /etc/event.d/rpgd, however, it now needs to be moved into /etc/init as rpgd.conf.  Go figure, but a simple mv and initctl start rpgd command later and it was up and running.

I suspected upgrading a minimal guest instance with few outside modifications would be fairly straightforward.  I do not believe I will go this route on the workstation and laptop, instead I will stick to the practice of backup and re-install for those bare metal needs.  Stay tuned.