Retro Gamer Review

Issue #77 arrived the other day with a nice review of my homebrew game, Berzerk MMX.  I do not think I will go to such extremes getting in scanned and printed as before with the Quikman 2008 review, but I will transcribe it here because of its brevity (not that I am complaining, it was as just as exciting to see the screenshots of my work in print!):

Despite having some fantastic clones of classic coin-operated games, the VIC 20 has a remarkably small list of straight arcade conversions to its name, so a version of something loud and shooty like Berzerk was almost guaranteed to be popular here at Retro Gamer.  And since the developer is Robert Hurst, the man behind the excellent unexpanded Pac-Man clone Quikman 2008, we were pretty eager to get our hands on Berzerk MMX.

The VIC graphics are, unsurprisingly, chunkier than the original version’s but serve their purpose well, in-game sound effects are simple but again appropriate, and the action rapidly becomes frantic as the poor player-controlled humanoid fights for his life.  And while Berzerk MMX runs on an 8K expanded VIC 20, for the users blessed with 16K expansion there’s a second version, which ships with most of the speech from the original in place and goes even further towards replicating the arcade experience.


I could not be more pleased with that — cool!