Tommy is Too Old

There was speculation that our New England Football team was considering to ship Tommy Brady to Buffalo, because he was too old to play NFL QB. But Tommy convinced them with his new flowing hairstyle that he still has his youthful appeal to the pink hat wearing groupies filling Kraft’s palace. Heck, he claims he is going to play until he’s 50. Really?

A 19-yard screenplay (which counts as an individual passing statistic in the NFL) was the longest play in the second half by The Golden Boy. The longer passes he completed that does not count toward his passing yards were the two picks he was forcing to Moss. What did he get paid by the Kraft’s the other week? Over 50-million dollars? I hope most of that wasn’t guaranteed, Bobby …

New England had a couple of drives “continued” with some great theatrics. Welker with the shoulder pad to shoulder pad hit with his hands on the ball. He would ham it up with a bogus concussion test on the sideline, then score a touchdown and head-butt all the 300+ pound linemen. And a bogus pass interference called in the last 5-minutes to add “drama” to a rather one-sided contest, er, game.

Too bad Jim Nance is still in the booth with his same pathetic self throughout the game. At least he has Phil Simms to cover his bias suck-ups for Tommy “Gun”.  Phil is the real deal.

I loved Rex Ryan’s call to go for it on 4th down to keep the ball — and running the ball to get it. Billy Belichick should take note that you can use your running backs to make 1st downs for you, instead of relying on an aging QB with declining skills.  And Billy needs to retire, too, or become a team consultant, perhaps to Buffalo — his 2nd half adjustment results were being outscored 18-0.

I really feel for Randy Moss, the team’s best talent since his acquisition. Overlooked by everyone because his QB got too much credit and media hype over “the team”‘s success in the early half of last decade. Moss should have realized he was not going to get any love after Tommy’s early departure in 2008 and he rallied behind a nobody’s QB, Matt Cassel, for an 11-5 season. He should have demanded a trade and followed Pioli to Kansas City.

It’s only week Two, but Tommy is not getting any younger either.