End of Era: Tommy Loses 3-in-a-row

JETS defeat PATS, 28-21

And the last two playoff games were at home where the NFL’s Golden Boy was hyped as being untouchable and unbeatable. Statistically, Tommy had a good year at his skilled position. But he looked none of that in tonight’s game. His poise evaporated from the early interception, the 5 sacks, a fumble (team recovered it for him), and a LOT of throw aways even when standing like a statue in the pocket.

So what have WE learned? It’s a TEAM sport, not the Nerds Fantasy League. It’s not about a 16-* regular season. It’s not about running up 50 TDs. They discarded their scapegoat in Randy Moss and picked up a reject from an NFC 7-9 team as a pathetic attempt to re-capture the Glory Days.

Gone is the TEAM that had TEAM players like Troy Brown, Ty Law, Adam Vinatieri, Tedi Bruschi, Lawyer Milloy, Corey Dillon, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel and, yes, even Drew Bledsoe.

Tommy alone can NOT win a big game. Tom Brady is a systems QB that relies upon orchestrated, cerebral play, not unlike Troy Aikman. Last year’s loss to Baltimore, Tommy was quoted, “Coach says this team does not have enough mental toughness.” So did you get any this year, or is Tommy part of the problem? Where does this team go from here? It will be a very interesting Free Agent signing and 2011 Draft, because that is the only place they are headed, now that the New York Football JETS have taken the AFC Championship game away from Kraft’s Palace.

For the “stat” idiots out there, the game was in serious jeopardy from the first half:

1st Half AFC Division Playoffs
Brady: 10/17, 99, 0td, int
Sanchez: 10/16, 101, 2td

Branch: 0, 0yd, 0td
Edwards: 2, 52yd, 1td

Woodhead: 6 rushes for 19yd
Tomlinson: 7 rushes for 48yd

… and it got no better at the end, even with the JETS allowing Brady his garbage-time TD:

Brady: 29/45, 299, 2td, int, 5 sacks for 40yd
Sanchez: 16/25, 194, 3td, 0 sacks

Brady Average Gain per Passing Play (includes Sacks): 5.2yd
Sanchez Average Gain per Passing Play (includes Sacks): 7.8yd

Belichick’s Team: 2tds, 26 first downs, 5/14 3rd downs
Ryan’s Team: 4tds, 14 first downs, 6/13 3rd downs