Intel Atom D525

I purchased this boxed motherboard with processor from Newegg and it arrived yesterday for me to tinker with for the coming winter nights. I want a dedicated machine with no fan noise to make use for my retroarcade/computer/console gaming endeavors. It will motivate me to create a new emulator frontend using the latest in 3D / HD software features. The small form factor allows me to lug it easily from room-to-room and place-to-place.

After installing Fedora 16 on it, I was a little disappointed in how its video worked with my HP 25″ display. It was kind of slow and I noticed the mouse could move off the left edge near the top. Huh? There is only one video output from this motherboard, but it was acting like there were dual displays. A quick review of xrandr revealed an output LVDS1 which is for a laptop panel and does not exist of course.

So that led me to review the i915 kernel module parameters using modinfo. It suggested to me I could instruct the module to ignore the laptop panel display and also enforce modesetting on the VGA port only. I attempted this by editing /etc/grub2.cfg and appending these two kernel options:

i915.modeset=-1 i915.panel_ignore_lid=-1

After a re-boot, I was instantly gratified by the super-fast boot (5-seconds for Linux and another 10-seconds for automatic login to GnomeShell to complete). For $69, the speed and versatility of this motherboard/CPU is outstanding. I will have to contemplate ordering more, heh.

One thought on “Intel Atom D525

  1. Installed the OpenCBM driver for it today to work its parallel port with my XA1541 adapter. I don’t know (yet) if it makes a difference, but I did alter the port’s mode to EPP from ECP in the bios.

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd opencbm/opencbm
    $ make -f LINUX/Makefile
    $ make -f LINUX/Makefile install-all
    $ sudo vim /etc/opencbm.conf
    … changed default plugin to xa1541

    $ sudo modprobe cbm
    $ dmesg | tail
    $ cbmctrl status 8

    … inserted a floppy,
    $ cbmctrl dir 8

    Voila! The diskette directory displayed.

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