Gothic Dark Angels

I had a few dreams with the image of a dark angel in it.  She appears briefly, she is dark haired, and her face is not recognized.  I am always alone and the setting is either indoors in a sparse room or outdoors with no visible signs of a civilization.  She wears a gothic cross around her neck.  I cannot swear if it is inverted or not, but I am going with it is not.. for whatever that might mean.

This dark angel is beautiful, but a mystery to me.  I have spent a great deal of time puzzling over who she is, what message does she bring or what does she represent, and why me?  I started collecting various digital images from the internet on dark angels and a gothic cross necklace to see if it stirs up any recollection or meaning.  Each by themselves has not helped, so I took on a small project to assemble some of them into this collage for my workstation wallpaper. I would add the passage to it later after staring and pondering about its meaning after a few hours:

gothic dark angels