Adding Mila to my lifestyle

After 2010 holidays, fat but happy at 212 pounds!

Last year, one of my goals was to drop some serious weight I was putting on for the prior 7-years, since working in Boston.  I started that job weighing in at a beefy 188 pounds, at the time was at least 7 pounds over my optimal weight.  After the 2011 holiday pounds were put on, I started the new year at 215.  😕

The plan included the simple basics of eating better and exercising, but make it habit forming again.  I needed to hold myself accountable to goals, entice it with small rewards, and most importantly: find a trigger to reinforce this as a lifestyle change.

In steps Mila with a twist.

I stumbled upon a local Lifemax distributor, Anita Marshall, quite by accident on Facebook.  I posted her a message on Jan 10, 2012, inquiring about this product. She promptly replied.  Next, we were invited to an informal meeting in Middletown to listen to personal testimonials, sample the product, etc., essentially a live infomercial.  We got to meet her sister, Celia, there first, then Anita arrived.  Both the Gomes sisters are Lifemax distributors and friendly folk. And a pleasant “bonus” is that we’ve become friends.

Well, I was immediately taken in by all of it… but just the product and not a hint of interest in becoming a distributor myself.  We declined the polite offer made to take home a sample bag, and simply ordered monthly shipments of a bag each.  We would start out trying “a scoop a day” with our breakfast and see for ourselves.

Eating Mila was certainly a different experience for me.  I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to my food: eggs and bacon, deli-style sandwich, meat and potatoes.  I eat a “big” breakfast, skip lunch, then a “big” salad for dinner on Wednesdays, and also fast by skipping lunch on Saturdays because I expect to enjoy the benefits of a full course dinner and a drink (or two).  So adding (what I call) refined “dirt” on top of my eggs or oatmeal or cold cereal in the morning was a big stray from my mundane diet. 🙂

Anyway, I noticed within the first 2-weeks that I would experience some “flushes” associated by an in-rush of energy in the mid-mornings.  It was a little unsettling at first, because I did not know where it was coming from and did not know how to handle it — I had to conscientiously stop myself from biting off heads of the people around me that were clearly working too slow for my palette.  It was definitely the Mila added to my diet, because I noticed a few subtle changes to my appetite by it.

First, you need to drink enough fluids with and after having the Mila.  It does curb your appetite for about 5-hours, without loss of any energy, which is perfect for me and my office hours and lunch schedule.  I was avoiding any mid-morning munchies before lunch!  Mila was giving me plenty of dietary benefits, but it became just as importantly my daily trigger to keep at it.

In the midst of this Mila experiment, I also started with a small exercise program that would progress hopefully as my weight dropped.  The first thing to remember is to make certain you do not injure yourself when starting — this is supposed to be a life-long habit, so it is not a sprint and nothing significant can be done in a day, week, or month, especially at my age.  The breakdown of that program was:

  • eat Mila with breakfast
  • stretching for warming up, typically around 10-minutes
  • three sets of sit-ups: front, left, right, started with 5 reps each, incrementing by 5 each week until reaching 50 reps.
  • walk the dog 2-miles

I was averaging about a 4.5 pound loss per month.  Once I was below 200 pounds, I added:

  • 5 push-ups, incrementing by 1 each week until reaching 25 reps.
  • 3-mile run

This simple plan worked out very well.  By summer, I was a bit ahead of my goals and had broke 190 pounds.  My physical also showed I had greatly improved my blood pressure to 110 over 90.  I was back to my former weight when I started working in Boston in 2005.  I actually had to start pulling out a lot of clothes from the back of the closet to the front, because my 36″ waist went back to a 34″.  With the improved weather and feeling energized, I added another mile to my run.  I was regularly keeping at it, averaging 5.5x per week.

20th anniversary picture

By the start of fall, I was at 180 again!  I felt like I got my legs and joints back with quite a bit of flexibility in terms of unencumbered range of motion.  My body “shape” was transforming equally with the weight loss, however, I felt like I could do a bit more to assist that.  I decided to try a 6-week adjustment by doing the following:

  • added 8 series of differing reverse planks using a foam roller, starting at 5-seconds each incrementing it by 5 until reaching 25-seconds (last rep is always go as long as I can, but never less than the time limit).
  • replaced the deli-style sandwich for lunch with a chopped fruit salad with berries and another scoop of Mila (4x week, still skip Wednesdays)

Wow, I did not lose any extra weight, but what a difference it made to my core… I lost another inch off my waist.  My reward was buying some new clothes, 33″ waist and semi-fitted medium-sized shirts.  And I decided to sustain that 6-week experiment indefinitely.

After these past holidays, I purchased a resistance tube to add some strength conditioning to my upper body.  Again, a simple plan to start off slowly with a progressive increment I can sustain.  Also, the weather had become inclimate and my routine has reduced to an average of 4.5x per week.  The extra rest is certainly needed, especially with the added workload, making it look like this now:

  • eat Mila with breakfast
  • stretching for warming up, typically around 10-minutes
  • 2x three sets of sit-ups: front, left, right for 40 reps reach: start 20 easy with arms in front, then 20 harder with arms on side
  • 25 push-ups
  • 8 series of differing reverse planks using a foam roller, 25-seconds each rep, with the last rep going as long as possible, but never less than the time limit
  • resistance tube exercises: overhead lifts (up to 11 reps) and squats (up to 22 reps)
  • walk the dog 2-miles, weather permitting
  • 4-mile run, weather permitting

I am at 175 now with a 32″ waist (still 32″ length, haha).  I do not plan to lose any more weight, just to slowly continue to work on conditioning my strength.  My goal is to look “hot” for my lovely wife by my birthday this summer, so we can enjoy another round of honeymooning as we prepare to disembark on our planned vacation to Venice in September.  😉