30th Anniversary

Another 5-years pass

Quite by accident this morning, I have been de-cluttering my designated basement area and ran across my old stamp collection. It was kept neatly preserved in an old-style metal box that is air-tight and waterproofed. But also in there was this ‘proof’ taken in the spring of 1985, shortly after I got a Computer Programmer job at Klitzner Industries. Back then, I completed my Associates degree in December 1984, but the ceremony was done once per year.

I was saving money to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring those first 2-months, which I would give her before turning 21 the next month. I would buy a Commodore 128 home computer right after. Chuckling to myself, I still have the Commodore 128.

These past 5-years have seen a lot of information technology progresses. Virtualization is now mainstream, and as such, cloud storage and computing is slowly taking on this new ecosystem. And it’s astounding how much more dense we can store digital information today. Tapeless archiving with data deduplication has taken over ‘just in time’ as backups were fast becoming unwieldy.

I wonder if commodity solid state drives helped impede some of that progress, that is, a 5+ year old computer suddenly screams when its spinning hard disk is replaced. And with an ‘internet of everything’ comes also a whole new breed of virus, malware, and security flaws. Sigh.

I look forward to my next 5, 10, perhaps 15 more years in information technology. Buying shrink-wrapped software and other digital media is almost a thing of the past, so it’s not too hard to imagine replacing all personal computers with a central provider either. No, not a mainframe, so put that tape away!! As much as I prefer to measure over eyeballing, I do hope we learn as a culture to dial back some of the ‘information overload’ that has encroached into our private life.