Upward and Onward?

After hitting my 30 year milestone in IS/IT last year, I decided to make my intentions known to family and peers that it was time for me to make new plans for the next 10-years. My last 10-years as an IS principal engineer and middle-manager serving critical operations support was a challenging and compatible journey. But to me, it was clearly coming to a close as all of my objectives and challenges in that space were met. Being established and comfortable — I earned that space — is never a bad place to be, however, I do not ever want to be accused of sleep-walking my way through a job either.

Per usual, I gave myself a 12-month period to reflect, contemplate, and be open-minded for necessary change. A couple of months ago, I was convinced that change would take me to a new 3-5 year journey on certified training and installation of an EPIC healthcare system at another hospital. But instead, I am taking on a new opportunity afforded me at BIDMC as a technical project manager working in the Office of the CIO. Advantages of continuity within a familiar landscape, but challenging to work it with a differing set of objectives and demands.

Yes, my new job will not be so demanding of my “hands-on” skills. But I also do not expect this position to be anywhere near the same as my former project manager job at Care New England’s newly-established PMO. That’s because there are a lot more moving parts in IT in general now, and especially throughout a large (and growing) healthcare system that starts with BIDMC. I am freshened by the opportunity to having exposure to more disciplines, their people, and the underlying technologies to support them.

But like those prospects from the NFL Draft yesterday, only time will tell my story that is to be made starting Monday. Onward!