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Role-Playing Game Daemon

Battle-ready now for Unix!

©1999-2014 Robert Hurst
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Once a traditional, standalone BBS program for Amiga computers, this addicting game has now been successfully ported to the mighty Unix operating system.  It has been successfully tested on DEC OSF/1 4.0d, FreeBSD, and Linux 2.x.  The source code is provided so it can be inspected and modified as needed.  The game originally played as TProBBS on an Apple ][ with this flavor evolving since June, 1992.  Read all of the game instructions using the left index.   When you are ready to go adventuring, click the Java applet button (when it says START) below the door to enter Hack & Slash:

flame  telnet 7000  flame

Your Browser seems to have no Java support. Please get a new browser or enable Java to see this applet!

Download RPGD source code.  View Change Log or SVN.

Download RPGBBS Amiga RPGBBS (1996)
Download BBS BASIC source (original TPro port) for DOS (1991)

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