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Eagle Watch

2022-Mar-20  Beaver River #3

              Par 3: Hole-in-One

              9i - 120yd

2021-Jul-11  Connecticut National #1

              Par 5: Hole-out

              GW - 81yd

2019-Sep-20  Crystal Lake #12

              Par 4: Drove green

              1W - 250yd

2015-May-24  Blissful Meadows #1

              Par 4: Hole-out

              7i - 150yd

2006-Sep-02  Sun Valley #12

              Par 5: Green in Two

              5w - 215yd

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Crystal Lake, 24-Aug-2023

Got it done in a different way by being a version of Viktor Hovland, a ball-striking monster, and hitting 14 greens in regulation to break 80 ... 

275 yard par 4 on #13 - Eric pictured shows his pleasure having driven this green with a good look for an Eagle. My yellow ball was also a good look, but for Birdie.
We would both miss our attempts but did not walk-off unhappy.

When August arrived, I reached some personal fitness + golf goals with the reward for freshening my bag. I started by replacing two old Titleist Vokey wedges (SW 54 + LW 58) with just the one SW 56. That freed up a club and allowed me to replace an old Ping G410 4 hybrid with two Ping G425 3 + 5 hybrids. I also replaced the Ping G425 LST driver with its regular Alta CB 55 Slate shaft with the new G430 MAX. I changed heads because the new MAX has corrected its sound and because it had the HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 50 shaft as an option. A few swings with the launch monitor confirmed the shaft + head were much better fitted to my renewed speed and produced a more favorable spin rate.

I played Crystal Lake from its forward White tees, something I have only done once before in 2017, because we were playing with my older brother and the listed yardage plays under 5900. The Blue tees provide more challenge at 6350, but I hooked up with two other players that were fairly new to golf.

I found my groove with the new driver, mostly for accuracy, but also a couple of memorable 280 yard bombs off #10 leaving a 95 yard approach and the Par 5 #14 leaving 181 yards. But this round was more about the approach shots whereas I simply did not miss -- with the exception of only 4 shots: the early disaster on #2, an unexpected carry for a layup on #5, a disappointing GW carry coming up 2' short to the front pin, and a poor club choice on #18 that did not carry the water. I was not disappointed with my putter despite having lackluster results.

My memorable approach shots started on #5 -- the 9i layup for 115 flew 135 yards into the trees but the SW shot off the drop onto a downhill/sidehill tight lie under those trees was a sparkling gem, drawing praise not only from my group but also the group ahead observing it from the neighboring tee box.

The long and hardest handicap hole #7 was now playing into the wind and I was left with 196 yards. Feeling "it" from off the birdie made on #6, I went with a high approach shot using 5W, figuring its carry was more predictable and less risky given the lie & conditions. It was a beautiful thing, so much so, a playing partner (Eric) drilled a hybrid shot out of the right rough onto the green remarking to his pleasantly surprised father that he was "inspired by Rob". Nice!

Another memorable approach shot was a hooded but gouged 8i out of a terrible lie found by a tee shot that carried too long up the left and leaving a blind shot around the trees. I pulled that "tricky Rob shot" off only to 3-putt because it finished long on the green and above the hole.  As you get older, you do not mind the soft Bogeys as much knowing "getting there" is more precious.

I hit my best shot on hole #17 where I had 170 yards out of the rough and used my new 5 hybrid to launch a moonshot that nearly hit the hole on-the-fly.  The 40 foot comeback putt for birdie had lipped out and left me laughing out loud, "Sure, I can't make a putt but THAT one wanted to go in?  Still, it didn't, so at least I'm consistent."

I stumbled on #18 picking 3W off the tee thinking I needed "one more" for the hurting wind -- apparently, I did not as it carried a few yards into the uphill rough.  I followed that with another poor decision to hit a 5i off the sidehill rough, whereas a 6 or even a 7 would have been safer and easier to handle shot rather than staring down a "get to that back pin" delusion. Heh, it never had a chance to carry. I did recover with another GW beauty from the drop leaving about 6' for the finishing bogey.

It has to be disclosed that I did take a short gimme putt on #11 -- I offered a "good-good" pickup choice to one of the struggling players on that hole who was slightly further away, but left above the hole. He laughed and generously "conceded" my Par to take his triple bogey.

When I saw the scorecard view reveal my 79, I was neither shocked nor ecstatic, but surely very satisfied. Funny, because the -3 net result off my Course Handicap 11 was also staring back at me.  This was a very good round validating the work I had put in my body and game these past 10-months coupled with some inspiring new club tech.

another 79 (-3 net)

Hazelton, 8-Jul-2022

I had a few pleasant surprises this past week that were very much welcomed and appreciated after 2-months of personal pain and turmoil.

279 yard tee shot on #8 - the #1 handicap hole - Dad would have liked this shot.Yellow ball can be seen off to the left, but inside the 150 yard marker on the right.

8-days after arthroscopic knee surgery, my follow-up appointment pronounced me clear for all normal activity thus canceling all of the prescribed PT appointments -- woot!!  I would hit six full-shot 8i into my backyard net later that afternoon, so excited by the swing, ball-striking sound, dispersion, and most importantly, no pain.

Just 8-weeks ago, if I did any of that with zero nice-sounding ball strikes, the knee would immediately swell and I was left hobbling. I decided to test my good luck and hit a small bucket at Button Hole with that 8i, PW, 5 hybrid, and if all was still a "go", yes, the Driver.

When I returned from the practice session, I called Hazelton for an early tee time for a single, and they accommodated me for 8:30am.  When I arrived early, there was a huge gathering of seniors waiting in their carts or on the practice green. Fortunately, the Pro Shop let me tee off immediately.  I ran up against a senior couple playing ahead, but they eventually let me play through on the 5th hole.

I had that familiar feeling inside of me while playing here with no one in my line of sight. You see, I started this game here (June 1987) from my father's suggestion that Sun Valley was a good place for a beginner, because it was a wide open "cow pasture" that didn't lack in hole distance. Sun Valley had a very modest customer base, so it was very easy to drive up and just play, without calling ahead for a tee time.

My father believed you had to learn how to hit the ball as far as you can first, then learn how to manage the game later. And typical from my Dad, he would point out repeatedly that his lackluster skill in putting was something that would only transform itself once he got "old". Um, okay, so hit the ball far, go find it, play it where it lies, keep count of all of my strokes played, got it. Golf is simple, not easy.

From the first tee shot to the last putt, my body's health did not factor in my mind nor on my golf swing. Like those early days, my focus was solely putting a good swing on the ball from its lie and for the yardage it was asking from me. I had my ups & downs with that, and on any other course, I know a few wayward shots would have translated to a more dire result.

Unlike when it was Sun Valley, Hazelton was in very good condition. The setup felt like it was made special for the seniors behind me, not that I minded any! Some of the Blue tees were up in their boxes and I noticed some the White tees were tenants with the senior & lady tee boxes. The pins on every green were either RED and tucked behind a sand trap or BLUE sitting near its fall line's edge.  A bit nasty for my liking, but it made for a good test.

An example comes from #3. My lay-up approach was only 30 yards from the BLUE pin. In retrospect, it would have been better to chip it halfway and only onto the front-right of the green for 2 putts. What I did was pitch directly to the hole, and had it gone perhaps a foot further, it might have settled within 5' -- instead it would roll mercilessly away left, then down the slope to 40' away.  Ugh, the 3-putt bogey ensued.

After making a Par-saving putt from out of the green-side bunker on #9, I recorded the "4" on the hole without once looking at the scorecard view. The thought of it flashed by, but I tucked any curiosity away and replaced it with the "What's Important Now" thinking and happily know, too, that I did not make any BIG mistakes so far.

My Driver was working for me for distance, mostly straight, but falling off the fairway. I caught breaks from a small hook on hole #7 that was a foot away from going into unplayable brush and also two block & cut tee shots on #14 & #15 that still allowed line-of-sight approach shots. The three Fairway metal tee shots were all on line, but each were just a little long to finish on their fairways. In all, I had only 2 tee shots (#1 and #2) find the fairway, ha!

After returning the golf cart and getting into my car to change my shoes, I pressed End Round to save the scorecard below... wait, what? 79?

Blinking in disbelief and checking it to make certain I scored EVERY (haha) hole, yup, it was complete and correct. Chuckling to myself, oh, I am going to have to hear from the trolls about another unattested scorecard from Hazelton.


another clean scorecard and shot 79

Exeter, 4-Sep-2021

We had two foresomes playing this late summer morning on a relatively easier course and from their white tee box. But their front 9 greens were going through an aeration process and they were soaked for our early morning tee time. "Scoring" was going to be a challenge.

That proved to me to be a correct assessment as I watched four putts on holes 2, 5, 7, and 9 go by wanting: I think those total length of putts made were only 14 inches!

Still, I salvaged the front 9 scoring 44, avoiding sand traps and penalties, and despite tee shots just wandering off the fairway to find the rough. But, what would unfold on the back 9 is the story.

I remained aggressive off the tee, not allowing for the shorter par 4s to take Driver out of my hands, heh. That is because after I read Every Shot Counts, its data concluded that longer but not necessarily accurate tee shots yield better scoring percentages.  Certainly, there are golf, course, and weather situations that could dictate when a shorter club is better suited, but clearly not today and not here at a wide open venue in Exeter Country Club.

We found the back 9 greens in much finer shape and also they dried up some by the sunshine and mild breeze. I almost chipped in for birdie on #10 leaving it 1" off its lip, laughing to myself that whatever my final score became that it would be the highest I could shoot today.

My LW approach on #12 out of the rough settled nicely just left and slightly above the hole.  A perfectly rolled putt tumbled right-to-left to find the hole for a Birdie -- wow, I got a meaningful one to fall!

I continued to scorch my tee shots but found the fairway on the next two holes to make conventional Pars, making -1 after 5 holes played. I reminded myself that a lot of golf remained.

Then came my worse tee shot on #15 -- a big miss left into the woods. I've been there before and kept a good eye on it. Its lie was decent considering where it finished, leaving me with two options to get back onto the fairway: pitch it relatively sideways leaving an approach (at best) 130yd, or shoot through a more narrow opening toward the green. Of course, I took the risk-reward shot, using a 5hy to split the two trees 60 yards ahead and tumble through to reach the end of the fairway ropes. It left a short 45yd pitch shot. I simply struck my AW "too pure" causing higher backspin; it checked up immediately & mercilessly 25 feet short of the hole. The expected 2-putt Bogey followed dropping me back to Even par. I reminded myself, "Considering where that tee shot finished ... "

I pounded my Drive off the handicap #2 hole, easily clearing the top of the tall tree at the end of the lake, but it remained just off the fairway on the sidehill rough, for about 140yd uphill approach to the center of the green. While I was planning to hit a safer 7i, my playing partner in Scott observed that the blue flag was indeed planted way in the back and the real distance to it was closer to 155yd. I didn't want any 40' or longer putt and the sidehill lie convinced me that I could choke down on a 6hy and not bring over the green into play. I tagged the shot with that pro-style draw I possess and it made a bee line to the pin.

Well, Scott was right about the flag being all the way in the back, as it was only 3 paces from the edge. My ball finished inside 1 of those paces -- wow -- leaving the formality of a tap-in Birdie to bounce back to -1.

"Feeling it" on the long Par 3 #17, I hit an aggressive 5hy at the tucked right pin. I thought it was perfectly struck and flighted, but it would bounce off the green, hole-high, into the "exit" rough -- ugh!! I knew I could not Sir Nick "dolly it" (get cute) out of that lie. The chip missed the pin and rolled out leaving a 14' comeback. Sigh, another near miss. Is that a bounce back Bogey for us weekend golfers?

Despite another bombed tee shot down the right side of the fairway, I slightly blocked an aggressive 4hy approach shot catching the left edge of a tree limb. Another bad break, as it grabbed my ball and somehow slinged it into the right rough -- blocking the line to the right pin. I casually made the short pitch shot left and hole high of the pin for another conventional Par, to shoot Even on the back 9 and score 80 for the round. Nice!

Not as "clean" of a scorecard and certainly not as "sexy" as the 80 shot from the Triggs' Blue tees posted below. But as I predicted earlier, it was the highest score I would shoot today. Heh.

P.S., I would beat Lou's 83 shot from the other group and cash-in on the $40 pot for low round. Heh.

best Exeter scorecard shooting 80 with 2 birdies

Triggs, 1-Sep-2021

I decided to "Play 9" but also "Tee It Forward" since everyone else was scared off the golf course because of the pending rain storm coming that night.  It would be the first time I ever played from the senior Gold tees on my favorite golf venue.

My scorecard posted below was the result. I played it in 62-minutes, walking, under very easy course conditions and with nearly every pin near the middle of each green. A hole-by-hole account follows:

#1: Driver finished just right off the fairway with 165yd to hole. 6hy approach bounced twice onto green finishing hole high on the right.  1st putt finished 2' past hole, leaving a tap-in for Par.

#2: Driver finished long down the middle of the fairway with 129yd to hole. 8i approach was dead on pin finishing 8' below the hole.  Putt dropped for Birdie.

#3: Driver off the White tee (oops, 71 yards further than the Gold) down the middle of the fairway with 225yd to hole. 3W approach hit thin bleeding right off the fairway leaving 83yd to center. SW pitch to 2', tap-in for a Par save.

#4: 5hy off the tee for 170yd hole high to left-center of green.  1st putt finished 2' past hole, leaving a tap-in for Par.

#5: Driver finished just right off fairway with 77yd to center.  This was the one exception where the pin was all the way in the back which I did not factor. SW approach finished front of green leaving 69' to hole. 1st putt finished 10" right of hole, leaving a tap-in for Par.

#6: Driver finished long down the middle of the fairway with 262yd to hole. 5w approach hit well but right of line catching top of trees and dropping down with 99yd in rough with limb trouble. Punch 8i approach onto green.  1st putt finished 3' past hole, made comeback for Par.

#7: 7i off the tee for 145yd hole high to right-center of green.  1st putt finished 5' well past the hole, but I made a tricky comeback for Par.

#8: Driver finished well right of fairway, short of cart path with tree limb and sand trap trouble ahead leaving 78yd to center. Punch 9i carried to green nearly one-hopping into the hole and finishing 10' above it.  Downhill putt lipped out leaving a tap-in Par.

#9: Driver down the left-side of the fairway (a gust of wind blew and a broken tree branch crashed next to the tee box as I was winding up, but luckily it did not break my concentration) leaving 140yd to center.  I selected 8i over 7i thinking I could not hold this green if I went anywhere near the left flag. The 8i approach finished short right on the green. I would drop another ball and hit 7i to test if I was mistaken. The shot hit deeper into the center of the green and did not hold rolling just off the back into the primary rough.  I was so happy I did not second-guess myself!  1st putt was 1' past hole leaving a tap-in for Par.

The Starter saw me walking by and exclaimed, "That was a quick round!"  I nodded in agreement replying, "Yup. I shot -1 from the senior tees."

lifetime best 9 scorecard shooting -1 (Senior tees)

Triggs, 28-Jun-2019

I had been playing well after making a solid par on #14 to follow-up on my second sand save in the round.  I have a lifetime 1:11 average for par saves out of a bunker.  Then came some real trouble.

My driver at this point of the season was not a weapon, and from the Blue tee box, I had to keep good discipline to find more than my typical 43% fairways hit.  A straight but poor line off #15 could not carry the waste area.  I took the lateral drop and dumped the approach into the fairway bunker, ugh.  Made a nice recovery out for the layup.  My wedge play and yardage control was stellar to this point; but now was not the time to get heroic lying 4.  I took a conservative line through the middle of the green for the tucked left pin.

I recall moaning inside that I was about to make my first double-bogey of the day.  I replaced the negative outcome with all the memories I have had on this green over the decades, dropping many improbable putts from every spot to every hole location on it.  This one will be no different.  When the quick 16' downhill slider to the left dropped, I let out a "Bogey!" victory cry and fist wave.

That was when I peeked at the scorecard to see I was standing at only +6 for the round.  I thought I can handle #16, but the closing 2 holes would be a big challenge.  A little pumped, I airmailed the green on #16 and missed a good look at a par saving putt.

I needed a bomb off the tee shot on #17 and the pull draw found its way down into the "valley of death" rough.  A nice blind recovery out followed by an Approach Wedge shot which nestled nicely to 2' from the pin (pictured above) to save par on the #2 handicap hole!!

I had my chance on #18.  Almost the same circumstances repeated, but I cut the tee shot right and had a tree blocking my line toward the green.  I could either layup to around the 150 yard marker, or hit a low draw 4 iron around the tree to leave a shorter pitch shot.  I pulled off the riskier shot and was rewarded with a similar pitch on 17.  My heart raced and I thought, "Hit it stiff."

When the ball took off from the shot, my playing partner observed, "You nailed it", and it looked dead on the pin.  It would settle a solid 11' short of the hole; still a good look.  What followed can only be described as a "choke" -- I could not clearly see then nor remember later the putting stroke -- as it came off as an absolute whiff that pushed the "wish" hole high, but an awful 2' off right.  I'd make Bogey to shoot 80, still chuckling at the faint-of-heart try.

I'll be mindful of this memory if I find myself in a situation like this, so not to repeat that and grind out a better attempt.  Onward!

lifetime best scorecard shooting +8 with 0 double bogeys

Myrtle Beach 2017

We play from the Men's forward tee (typically WHITE), please, no hero shots required from the tee! As I suspect no one plays any of these courses regularly, expect the play level to be a little more even-handed between us, because of unfamiliarity of course layout, particularly their greens where the real scoring occurs. And whining for more strokes will only get even more ridicule from your brothers, eh? ;)


a) Roger, Rob (suck it up)

b) Randy (-4: 2 each front / back 9 on highest handicapped holes not a par-3)

c) Joe, Kyle, Matt, Mike, Matthew

(-8: 4 each front / back 9 on highest handicapped holes not a par-3)


1. Keep pace of play up! So if a player lies at Double Bogey and is …

2. Player's option to lift, clean, & replace with a preferred lie on fairway, fringe, and green only. Does not apply to other fairways, rough, hazards.

3. Group "common sense" consensus for awarding a mulligan on a tee shot only.

4. "Gimme" putts can be conceded by the opponent of any length; the player himself can take it without concession, if he demonstrates that any part of the ball lie inside his putter's leather. There’s no $100k riding on a 2 footer, only pride.


Please keep cleanly written scorecards and hand them in only to me; I’ll compile a nice summary.

Course/Player Schedule follows with their official web sites

[1] THU @ 1:52 + 2:00pm "Don’t Get Hurt"

Myrtlewood (

Palmetto 6516 yd, slope 130

1A) Rob - Joe

1B) Roger - Mike

2A) Randy - Matt

2B) Kyle - Matthew

[2] FRI @ 8:40 + 8:48am "A Good Day at the Office"

Burning Ridge (

Kings North 6216 yd, slope 130

1A) Joe - Mike

1B) Rob - Matt

2A) Roger - Kyle

2B) Randy - Matthew

[3] FRI @ 1:45 + 1:54pm "No Kids"

Wild Wing (

Avocet 6226 yd, slope 126

1A) Mike - Matt

1B) Joe - Kyle

2A) Rob - Randy

2B) Roger - Matthew

[4] SAT @ 9:00 + 9:08am "Make It Count"

Whispering Pines (

6245 yd, slope 128

1A) Matt - Kyle

1B) Mike - Randy

2A) Joe - Roger

2B) Rob - Matthew

[5] SUN @ 8:40 + 8:48am "Ball Inventory"

Farmstead (

6097 yd, slope 124

1A) Kyle - Randy

1B) Matt - Roger

2A) Mike - Rob

2B) Joe - Matthew

... with low net on the Par 6 #18 (tie-breakers by hole handicap) eats lunch for free

[6] SUN @ 1:30 + 1:38pm "Redemption"

Meadowlands (, 6080 yd, slope 119

1A) Randy - Roger

1B) Kyle - Rob

2A) Matt - Joe

2B) Mike - Matthew

[7] MON @ 7:54 + 8:02am ("It Never Gets Old")

Myrtle Beach National (

South Creek 6089 yd, slope 123

1A) Roger - Rob

1B) Randy - Joe

2A) Kyle - Mike

2B) Matt - Matthew

Myrtle Beach 2013

I can speak for everyone that we had an excellent 5-days spent (mostly) in South Carolina: golf, entertainment, weather, company, and food with the exception of “pizza” night.

I compiled this table (above) from the submitted scorecards to sum up each player's accolade; and keep in mind that not everyone played (or recorded) their full complement of 94-holes. OK, here goes nothing:

We play from the Men's forward tee (typically WHITE), please, no hero shots required from the tee! As I suspect no one plays any of these courses regularly, expect the play level to be a little more even-handed between us, because of unfamiliarity of course layout, particularly their greens where the real scoring occurs. And whining for more strokes will only get even more ridicule from your brothers, eh? ;)


a) Roger, John

b) Rob, Kyle (4-strokes: 2 each front / back 9 on highest handicapped holes not a par-3)

c) Joe, Kenny, Matt (8-strokes: 4 each front / back 9 on highest handicapped holes not a par-3)


1. Keep pace of play up! If a player lies at Double Bogey and is not putting, please pick up and +3; on the green, 1 putt attempt allowed to hole out, then must take a gimme. Group should not allow any exceptions, keep it stress free for everyone.

2. Player's option to lift, clean, & replace with a preferred lie on fairway, fringe, and green only. Does not apply to other fairways, rough, hazards.

3. Group "common sense" consensus for awarding a mulligan on a tee shot only.

4. "Gimme" putts can be conceded by the opponent, with an overruling by the player himself should any part of the ball lie inside his putter's leather.

5. Got all of this, Matt? If not, others will assist you. :)


Rounds 2 - 6 only, format is handicapped MATCH play.

MATCH is not SKINS, meaning NO hole carry overs.

If YOU win your match, opponent PAYS up $1 (and any other side bets, haha).

Winners are also allowed all smacking rights up until the next tee time.

Rounds 1 & 7 are recreational STROKE play only, make your own wagering.

Course/Player Schedule follows with their official web sites:

[1] THU @ 10:00am "Getting to Know You"

Aberdeen (

Highlands-Meadows-Woodlands, 6100 - 6300 yd, slope 119 - 126

1A) Roger - Kenny

1B) John - Joe

2A) Rob - Kyle

2B) BLIND - Matt

[2] FRI @ 8:30am "A Good Day at the Office"

Litchfield (, 6348 yd, slope 124

1A) John - Kyle

1B) BLIND - Kenny

2A) Rob - Matt

2B) Roger - Joe

[3] SAT @ 8:02am "No Kids"

Farmstead (, 6097 yd, slope 123

1A) Roger - Kyle

1B) BLIND - Joe

2A) John - Matt

2B) Rob - Kenny

[4] SAT @ 1:44pm "Make It Count"

Farmstead (, 6097 yd, slope 123

1A) Kyle - Kenny

1B) Matt - Joe

2A) Roger - Rob

2B) John - BLIND

[5] SUN @ 8:04am "Ball Inventory"

Myrtlewood PineHills (, 6112 yd, slope 125

1A) Roger - BLIND

1B) Kyle - Joe

2A) John - Rob

2B) Matt - Kenny

[6] SUN @ 2:11pm "Redemption"

Myrtlewood Palmetto (, 6516 yd, slope 130

1A) Rob - Joe

1B) BLIND - Kyle

2A) John - Kenny

2B) Roger - Matt

[7] MON @ 12:20pm ("It Never Gets Old")

Myrtle Beach Southcreek? (none), 6089 yd, slope 118

1A) Joe - Kenny

1B) Kyle - Matt

2A) Roger - John

2B) Rob - BLIND

According to my matrices, everyone plays everyone once. No match against the BLIND, so everyone can say they did not lose every round, hah. I was also trying to be just as fair with the groupings in regards to the course slope ratings. I've given this a lot of thought, so unless there is a really strong objection... well, good luck with that. :P

P.S., if any/all are interested, I like playing Texas Hold'em (nothing hardcore, typical $5 buy-in options), and will bring cards & chips with me. I will propose that the buy-in be coupled with a rewards system for your total day's golf production, i.e., extra playing chips for handicapped and native birdies. But we can discuss / negotiate those particular details that Thursday evening for the weekend play.